Foreclosure Prevention Resources
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Required Documents

You must upload the following documents to the online system (and pay the required fee) within 25 days after the date on which the Notice of Resolution Conference was sent:

  • A Universal Intake Form that details information about you, your lender, and your current financial situation
  • Any additional information about your current income, expenses, debts, and other obligations
  • A description of your financial hardship, if any
  • Documents that verify your income and expenses, including:
    • Pay stubs confirming your income for the most recent full two months
    • If self-employed, a profit and loss statement
    • Bank statements from the most recent two full months
    • If relying on social security, disability, unemployment, or other non-wage benefits, a benefits statement from the benefit provider showing the amount, frequency, and duration of the benefit
    • A divorce decree judgment or separation agreement if you are relying on child support, alimony, or maintenance payments
    • Your most recent electric, heat, gas, or other utility bill
    • Your most recent property tax statement or appraisal
    • Your tax returns from the two most recent years

Accurate and complete information in these documents will greatly improve your chances of reaching an agreement with your lender on a foreclosure avoidance measure. After you have submitted your documents to the online system, your lender is required to upload and provide you with the following documents:

  • Copies of the residential trust deed and the promissory note that is evidence of the obligation that the trust deed secures
  • The name and address of the person who owns the obligation secured by the trust deed
  • A record of your payment history for the preceding 12 months or since you were last current on your loan obligation
  • The amount you currently owe on the loan and the amount due to cure the default
  • Input and output values for each Net Present Value model that your lender uses
  • The most recent appraisal or price opinion your lender used to determine the value of your property
  • The pooling or servicing agreement your lender entered into with another agency
  • A description of any additional documents your lender needs to evaluate your eligibility for a foreclosure avoidance measure